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A friend and I did henna today. Here's what some of mine looks like (before the henna gunk cracked off).

I also went to meet with my research group at the Borders again tonight. We got a lot done, but there's still a lot more to go. We haven't even gotten to my portion of the project yet. I gave three people the CDs I burned, but I still have to burn one more. They seemed to like them. After our meeting was over, I went to read trade paperbacks. This guy hit on me, said my laugh was nice. When I showed him what I was laughing at (a copy of the "Clerks" tpb, complete with Jay's buttcrack on the cover) he went a bit bug-eyed. He was actually kind of creepy.

On the freeway, I saw a pickup truck hauling a cannon. Sorry, folks, but the Civil War is over.
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