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long-ass rambling entry (I had caffeine for the first time in almost a week tonight)

I was pumped when I got home from work. Saturday night at the store is adrenaline-inducing because it is like a big party. The kind where people trash things and throw up a lot. I was running around. Every time I got a basket of go-backs done, another one would magically appear. I have been told that more than five baskets full of magazines by the end of the night are not uncommon. I can proudly say that everything was done right as we closed. I am that cool. Nobody cares, but I am.

Okay, my lust for dollfie is approaching seriously disturbing levels. There is this outfit on Ebay that is really cool and I want it. It fits SD and SD13 girls. The only reason I haven't bid on it yet is I'm not sure if it would fit Cerebus Project girls, specifically Soo, which is the doll I want. (Oh, and I noticed that Ebay is no longer trying to tell me that I mean "dollie" when I search "dollfie". That is a good sign.)

This sounds so incredibly dorky, but I really would like to see it. I am a total geek.

I kinda chose the wrong shirt to wear to work today. It is a V-neck that dips down rather low. My job requires a lot of bending to pick things up in close proximity to many people, as well as sitting on the floor while people are standing above me. So yes, I got to show off my (somewhat lacking, except in this particular shirt) clevage. Heh. Um. yeah.

The book I am reading is very engrossing. Mabye my reading slump is over?

I have Sunday off! Tis truly amazing! No, really, it is!!! Shh, don't tell my boss...

I absolutely HAVE to finish sorting my comics before my birthday. Really. Anyone wanna help? *puppy dog eyes* Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Fun with world-creating last night! Woo hoo, natural resources! Oh, and I showed silensy the complete crack that is the episode(s) of Teen Titans called "The Apprentice." Love this series. So much. However, I miss some of my old cartoons. Like Batman. And Batman Beyond. And the older Spider-Man and X-Men series. How I wish they would repeat them on television! Also, Emergency! and Forever Knight and Babylon 5 and Alien Nation and all of my other old favorites.

But I have me my Pretender. Such a good show, I had forgotten! Miss Parker rocks. Broots is so adorable and geeky. Sidney is the mad scientist with the heart of gold. SUCH good bad guys in Mister Raines and Mister Lyle and Bridgette and Mister Parker and all the rest. And Angelo. I <3 Angelo. Plus, there is Jarod. Who is cool. I mean, it's very interesting to see how he evolves throughout the series. At first, he has all this childlike wonder at being outside The Centre for the first time in forever and discovering all the things he's missed. And he has angst, but it just grows more and more as the series progresses, especially once he finds and loses certain relatives. I was watching this episode the other night where Sidney is talking with his long lost son and Jarod is watching them and being sad because it is obvious that Sidney loves his son, but he never did anything to save Jarod, and for Jarod, Sidney really is the closest thing he has to a father that isn't a wish and a prayer and oh my, there were LAYERS of angst. Lovely. Great show. I think I am in love with all of the characters. Good crack, folks, this is good crack.

Heh. We (being inkwraith, silensy and myself) tried to explain the coolness of Babylon 5 and the weirdness of Angel ("What was that about Angel having a son?" *frantic hand geastures* "Don't ask!") to my mum and Mark over dinner last night. Plus, we talked feminism. Nifty.

I have been reading lots of manga on my breaks. Why buy the stuff when I can read it in the store? Actually, I feel the need to divest myself of some manga. Who wants random manga? Feel free to speak up. I will send it to you.

Should I wait until after ComicCon to get my Soo? Or do it now. Because, yes, >>>WANTS<<<. Yesss, preciousss.

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