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It's my party, and I'll be silly if I want to...

I went and saw Man on Fire with torrye and Elizabeth and her boyfriend and Kendra and some other chick last week. Good times.

Yesterday was my birthday, but I had my party on Sunday. Also, good times! We had Chinese food and played board games and video games and did tarot readings and stuff. Then we went to the comics shop and the video rental store (where I bought a horse, yay!) and then they went home.

I got Hidalgo!

Cute little plushie Hidalgo!

We had cake.

And icecream.

And we made... art. It's art, really.

And we were silly, but there are too many pictures of that to choose just a few.

I want to go to Disneyland. Everyone, I have May 28th and May 29th off of work. Someone(s), go with me to Disneyland!!!!
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