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Who is this Rick James person?

In yet another manifestation of my insanity, I have deleted some of my old icons and uploaded several new sheep icons. Because there can never be too many sheep.

Disneyland yesterday was fun! Hysterical.

elite_stoat was over the day before (and hacked my lj). We watched anime and ate cake. Then silensy came over and we watched vids. Then the cute little anime-obsessed redhead came over. And then ohani. And then torrye. I got a Pirate!Hello Kitty pillow from the scary death-obsessed redhead and a scary Floaty Bear from ohani. Heh. We stayed up all kinds of late watching Firefly.

On Friday, silensy and I went to inkwraith's house to play dollfie! Yay, dollfie! (And Savvie? My posts are NOT all about the dollfie. Silly girl.)

I have stopped checking my email completely. I am a very bad person. For some reason, I am a lazy lazy girl who cannot be bothered to check her email. I fear it.

I wish I could make vids. I have this cool idea for a PotC vid, but I have no skillz. I read jmtorres's journal and her cool ideas and enthusiasm inspire me, yet. No skillz. Woe.

Everybody must go buy this book because the incredible minkboylove wrote it and if you haven't read any of her stuff, you really should, because she is really good.

I am so lazy, OMG.

I had this weird dream involving a character(s) (how do I pluralize the fact that the dream was about one character who just happens to have several bodies???) from X-Project. Weird.

This is my new favorite fanfic, because guh! It hits a lot of my kinks. Plus, ROBIN, yay!

Speaking of which, getting comics from the internet is SO COOL!!!! DC Elseworlds, Kid Eternity, Smax, Batgirl, Avengers, Deadman... *is overwhelmed* *gets teary-eyed* So great. Unfortunately, Bit Torrent seems to eat incredible amounts of bandwidth. Is there some sort of setting I can put on to control it so that it only eats up, like, I dunno, 15% of my bandwidth or so? Anyone know?

ETA: These are so great!!! OMG, JLA My Little Ponies!!! *dies* *dies more* *secretly wants to own the Martian Ponyhunter* *dies again* *is so incredibly dead*

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