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Virtual Madness

There is something like madness in the internet. Something that inspires rage and lust and fear and obsession and love and longing and joy and warmth. Interconnecting. The internet is a vast brain. Each website a neuron, dendrites reaching, linking to other websites. We are the electrical impulses traveling through each neuron, and we are the chemicals sent from one neuron to the next, unlocking more potential, more current. Have you seen those internet "maps" that show interconnections? Don't they look like neural tissue? But I think that there is an imbalance somewhere. The internet is insane. Broken links and webpages leading you in endless circles, like an oroboros, until you are swallow whole by yourself. Why do we stay up, hands caressing keyboard and mouse, until our eyes burn and our joints ache? Why does the world seem strange when you can't hear the hum of your computer fans gently singing to you? Bits of information streaming everywhere, messy and half-formed, slick and sinuous. We call it a web. We call it a net. We know it will catch us and keep us, yet still we rush to embrace it. But it's really a brain, and someday it will awaken and we'll suddenly be flies caught in the web, fish in the net, as the spider and the fisherman come to eat us. It grows. I slip down the axon of a website and convert myself to virtual chemicals as I find the link that will take me to the next site. The internet is nothing without you and I, nothing without the many many humans hunched over keyboards by the gentle glow of the screen. And that is the reason why the internet is insane.
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