The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

I am sleepy, but I feel I should update. Yeah.

Reverse-cronological order of events:
inkwraith came over today and was a good little enabler. OMG. OMG! Did I actually do what I think I did? Did I actually order Luts dolls!?!? (yay!)

Played on the machines with torrye earlier today. Saw the new Harry Potter movie last night/this morning with her, oshunanat, and silensy (liked it better than the first two). Totally forgot to call elite_stoat today. Oops!

This last Wednesday I had jury duty. Was made MUCH less stab-my-eyes-out-horrifying by the presence of torrye.

In other news, since my project to organize my comics is now over (yes, I didn't finish the database, but whatever, at least they are in pretty boxes and findable now), I have started organizing my books. *sighs* Big task. People are always astonished when they see how many books I have. I am such a freak. I have not even read them all! But I hoarde things. I think that I was a dragon in a past life. Seriously. I tend to accumulate stuff! Anime, books, comics, useless little toys, action figures, more books, straws (yes, I collected straws at one point), dolls... STUFF. Why am I always collecting STUFF!?! I really think that I need to work on this. To that end, I am going to stop downloading/renting/collecting anime, at least until I actually watch the stuff I already have. Also, I am limiting my book intake. Well, I'll start limiting it after the employee discount days at my work are over... *ahem* And no more taping random shit off of the television that I will never watch! (But I am still going to be taping Joan of Arcadia and Teen Titans and Justice League and old Star Trek eps and any Incredible Hulk stuff I can manage and Spider-Man... Shut up.) Right then. Also, no more silly little toys. (Dolls don't count.)

*smacks self* This is SO never going to work. I am a dragon.

I have not been online much at all lately. I miss talking to people online. And doing things. It's funny, I used to have LOADS of time to be on my computer, but now I am all grown up and have so many THINGS to do and friends to hang out with and books to read and yeah. I am going to try to clear up more space to be online, because I miss it.

I have been daydreaming some of my old Robin plot-bunnies again recently. But I am so out of touch with current DC continuity that I can't really do anything about it. So, I will stick to the old Highlander stuff that is drizzling out my ears, because Highlander is not an ever-evolving fandom anymore. (Dude. I totally just had a THOUGHT. And it was a weird thought. Crossover. So random, like whoa.)

I have been carrying around a letter for starkiller and another for ohani for over a week. I should really send them. I have other letters, too. Wow, I've been really lazy about getting to the post office lately. I also need to polish up the "Ask Nesanica" column, my poems, and the essays I'm submitting for Dubious Origin(s). And nobody gave me any grief about my story that I posted (stares hard at silensy), so I'm going to assume that it is Perfection and will go into the zine as is. Woo!

My mum gave me Hello Kitty snack containers. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Once, I was Goth. I fear that I can no longer be called Goth, since people know that I like Sanrio, where once I wouldn't be caught dead in that over-pink store. And though my wardrobe is still mostly of the black persuasion, there is just really nothing Goth about me. If I ever was Goth. Maybe I am just misremembering the Angst and Woe and PAIN of being a teenager. God, I am SO SO SO SO glad that I am no longer a teenager!!! For that was the age of DOOM and it is over.

I gave my mum an hour long lecture on the History of Arda today. She's a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, yet she has never read the Silm! How silly is that? Actually, I think that I need to reread it... oy.

I believe that it is now time for this post to come to a close.

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