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I went over to a friend's house after school today. She has as many CDs as I have books! That's really saying something!!! She said that she and her boyfriend had to rent a two bedroom apartment just to have a room to keep them all in. Seriously, I have never seen so many CDs outside of a record store before!

I not exaggerating. I posted a picture of my "closet" in an entry awhile back; just substitue all the books with CDs and envision two more walls of the same and you've got Butterfly Girl's home. Very very interesting.

Anyway, she let me borrow one of her prized, ultra-hard to find, scratch-it-and-die Bjork CDs and a really cool Cibo Matto CD. Very spiffy.

Butterfly Girl is really neat. She thinks I'm a total geek! Yeah, I really am, but in a good way. It was fun talking to her outside of school.

It's not a friendship that I foresee lasting beyond the semester, though. I've been burned before. I never saw Jane again. I see Horror Lad every once in awhile. I invited him to go to a Con with me, but he declined. He called and asked if I wanted to meet his RPG group, but I couldn't. Now we kind of avoid each other. I ran from Andy. After the hike, we went to dinner, and were going to hot-tube it, but I felt creepy when the other girl left and I left and never called him back. I feel guilty about that one; he looked so sad when I ran away. Even after three classes with Sarah and lots of long conversations, I don't really know her. I have her phone number, but I don't think we'll ever be more than passing friends because our interests are too dissimilar. Even with Tsarina and Ginny and Kitty and that clique, it doesn't seem to be working out. Hell, I shared a hotel room with those people and went to parties with them, but when I saw them last Sunday, they barely acknowledged me!

Okay, I'm seriously depressing myself now. I suck.

I wonder what ever happened to Jane?

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