The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I am, of course, The Good. *shines halo* *tries to hide horns*

As I was unpacking magazines at work today (one of which, in a coincidence of truly massive proportions, featured a Jan McLean doll on the cover), the auction I was bidding on ended. I was not worried, for I checked it right before I left. There was only two hours left and my maximum bid was WAY higher than where it stood. Yet. I WAS OUTBID!!! *sulks* And I really really really wanted Pipi from Paris, too...

However, in a fit of pique, I used the "buy it now" option on Cassie from California just now, so WHEE! Doll! *giggles in glee* Yes, yes I know -- I'm very very silly.

Am sorta worried about my LUTS buy. Sienna said that she would e-mail me when the money got to their account, but so far there has been no news and it's been over a week. However, I was told it might be that way. Apparently, Korean banks like to hold oversees money in their own accounts for awhile so that they can use it for the bank, accumulate interest and such. Shady, I tell you, shady. The nice bank lady that helped me last Friday said that Korea was a "slow to pay" country, and Sienna confirmed it. *le sigh* Want doll!

In better news, someone is finally seeding the Robin #3 - Tim Drake torrent over on Tracker 3 of Z-Cult! YAY~! I may get me my Robin-lovin' yet!

Also, I am finally getting LJ notifications again. They went away for over a week, but now they are coming back. Slowly. But! I can now finish all those comment-conversations I was having with people all this last week! (I hope my inbox doesn't crash and burn.)

Now I pimp for jmtorres: Everyone go do her 1,000 drabbles meme! You can request fanfic! And do fun drabbles! And make her happy! Also, go spam elite_stoat, because she is cool.

Had truly INTERESTING conversation about psychology in break room at work. Made me geek out on the psych stuff. I miss school. Yeah. (Friend at work is moving to Korea to teach English. WANT TO GO! Would rock. Would get homesick, tho.)

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