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This entry is not all about dolls.

Bought wig for doll. Now just need doll. *pines for Sienna's e-mail*

Also bought two Jan McLean dolls. Ebay is bad for my budget.

Saw guy who plays Clark Kent's father in Smallville at work yesterday. My, he IS a handsome one up close. All the ladies were in a titter over him. *g* Niiiiice smile. Felt very weird looking him in the eye and realizing that I've read slash fics involving him.

And speaking of slash fics, I read a Rurouni Kenshin/Star Trek crossover that worked. Whoa. Also, a LONG Fruits Basket/Petshop of Horrors WIP that made me crave more.

Want doll. NEED doll. Craving for doll. *sighs*
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