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So many comics I want to download, not enough seeds!

Fourty-four minutes or thereabouts (this morning before I left for work it was only 4 hours, yet here it is, over 9 hours later and still...) to go and then I shall have all of Hellblazer downloaded! Well, not all, as I believe it's still going, but whatever.

In case anyone is wondering why I have not been on my computer lately: I have been, actually. I've just been reading comics instead of, you know, being social. >insert geek joke here<

Oh, and by the way, the Crimson Avenger is my new comicbook girlfriend. She is SO UTTERLY COOL. And angsty. Oh yeah. I forsee icons. Yup.

Speaking of my geeky geeky self, I have been re-reading Star Trek novels at work. Thus confirming my utter geekiness to everyone. Really, I'll get around to reading, like, Ulysses or something someday! I will! In the meantime? Mmm, pulp fiction (not Literature) for me!

Only 22 days until Comic Con!

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