The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Tangent was a very cool DCU Event.

My bedroom is freezing (Okay, so it's not freezing, but I'm a California girl and anything below 75 degrees F is cold. This would be considered a heat wave in some parts of the world. Like Canada. And England. I have been to England, I know how it rains there! In the summer! Rain! See, I was thinking about this as I was watching League of Extrodinary Gentlemen the other day (Why was I watching this? Because Mark is determined to have his own video store. He is literally renting 6 to 9 DVDs a day. Yeah. We are both dragons.) and it was raining in July and wow. Some places actually have rain!) but that is good, because it will cool down my computer (my computer gets VERY VERY HOT, even with the two extra fans I installed in it. it can literally heat my entire bedroom if the window and door is closed.). My poor, poor absused computer which has been on for days now. It has been constantly downloading comics for me (Wonderful comics! I have read Lucifer and am now going on to Hellblazer (Very British. It rains.) and then I will read She-Hulk and Deadpool and other wonderful wonderful comics, yay!), and I have been burning both DVDs and CDs and scanning stuff and messing with media files and photoshop and stuff and yeah. There should be a computer appreciation day.

Yesterday, I sent off a check (because I FINALLY found my checkbook, which has been missing for MONTHS... I found it in my "Important Stuff" drawer. Yes, I had looked there before, but it hid from me! really! It's a bad checkbook) of enormous proportions. I have never before filled the entire line when writing out the dollar amount. But! Am going to Italy (just because). Woo hoo! And today I borrowed language CDs from coworker. Will copy for you, too, silensy, no worries. We will learn Italian! Kinda.

I was in the audience to see Gagne (how do you put a little accent mark over the "e"? I wish I knew. (I could go copy-paste, as I have done in the past, but I am lazy.)) loose his streak of saving the Dodgers for 84 consecutive games. It was heartbreaking. The crowd gave him a standing ovation. Game went into 10th inning before Dodgers finally won against the Diamondbacks (boo! Snakes are bad!). He holds the record now, but still. And to be there for such an historic moment in baseball! Nifty. Very exciting game.

Went to Anime Expo last Saturday. Was cool. Bought stuff! (Comicconcomicconcomicconwantwantwant, am a dragon.) Will post pictures later, promise.

>insert doll obsession bits of post here<

And look! I have new icons. Four icons of my comicbook girlfriend, the Crimson Avenger, and three of the Fallen Angel, because she is kickass, too. I want to write fanfic about them. Speaking of fanfic, I was bitten by a RABID plot bunny (bunnies are evil, then make my eyes and throat swell shut and I go into shock and I could DIE) which watching Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker the other day with silensy. So far, I am into 4 pages of OUTLINE ALONE!!! Epic stuff here, epic (which possibly means it will never be written, because I don't really write long stories, pooh). But anyway, I need more icon space because 50 is SO not enough.

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