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Comic Con and other stuff

Was called in for job certification early, therefore I went to work all out of sorts. And with my hair down. Which is... well, it's something that never happens. Thus, everyone had to comment on it all day. It went... Well, it went. I am going to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off for the next week or so, but I don't think I did TOO poorly.

My department manager bought me a soda. *snuggles surly manager*

elite_stoat has asked that I talk about Comic Con. So I shall.

There was no major headache-inducing trauma on the way down Thursday, for once! Yay! And we even left on time and everything was pretty good. Only got a wee bit lost once and everything. The only "Grrr" bits were with the hotel people. I swear, hotels in San Diego during Comic Con just HATE you. They really really do. Also, next year I wanna be real close so I don't have to deal with the hassle of the shuttle. But! Our room had a view of the bay and the old fashioned sailing ship museums, so that was nice. inkwraith and I went and picked up guingel and her sister ambushbug at the airport. They're wonderful! I really enjoyed meeting them and they're great people so everyone should go friend them right now. *huggles guingel*

Friday I did stuff. I do not recall exactly what stuff I did, but it was fun, whatever it was. Saturday I did more stuff, and it was also fun. Saturday was the Masquerade, which was awesome. Yay, Beast Boy! (Adorable, energetic little boy dressed as Beast Boy, so very very cute and the crowd loved him.) Saw preview of Shaun of the Dead which looked fun. Also on Saturday, I went to the DC Animated panel. SO VERY COOL!!! They showed upcoming bits from Teen Titans season 2 (NIGHTWING!!!) The voice actor for Raven and the one for Beast Boy was there, too. Beast Boy's voice actor is... um. Well, lets just say that I and about half the audience was convinced that he was stoned throughout it all. And his voice is very like his character, except smarmier. O_O The panel also had clips from Justice League Unlimited AND they showed a whole episode of the new animated series The Batman. This new Batman series doesn't look as good as the old one, but it IS really slashy. Oh yeah. Oh! And on Saturday I also dressed up as a faerie thing. *grins*

The Stargate panel was fun right up until the fans started asking questions. *winces* Why must there always be a dumbass? The Farscape panel was great! Claudia Black is just too cool and Ben Browder seemed a lot more relaxed about being at conventions than I've ever seen him before. I also went to a panel about the new movie The Incredibles by Pixar and it looks nifty. Although I only caught the very end of it, the New Line panel (Billy Boyd! David Wenham!!) was FABULOUS! The stories Billy told! *dies* *dies more* Viggo kissing! Pranks! OMG, Billy I <3 you!!! Saw world premiere of Lady Death which had the best ending evar! Did... stuff.

Anyway, Sunday was fun, too, although I missed the panel on Serenity. (silensy, you must tell me all about it.) Sat down with the Decipher people and actually learned how to play the LotR TCG. Took Laura and Katie back to the airport, did a last sweep of the con floor, drove home, the end.

The swag: A Bleading Edge Goth Doll (who was promptly stripped for her clothes when I got home. Nesanica looks quite wonderful in them. I should have gotten more of these dolls, as the clothes on them are great.), a mini Sting (Kalila is a Hobbit, OF COURSE she needed a Hobbit sword!), dice (I regret not getting more dice), the Lord of the Rings Combat Hex mini-figure game (starter pack and a booster, because why not?), more LotR TCG cards (several booster packs, and YAY! I got Asfaloth!!!), lots of %50 off trades, a couple of signed independent trades, lots of free stuff (mini Stormtroopers, an alien dog figure, various buttons, manga samplers from Viz and Tokyopop), a Mucha print, a pretty print from some random guy, and two of Ruth's prints (thank you silensy!!!), etc.

*sighs* Is it too early to start looking forward to next year?

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