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"I sup on delicate gossamer spun from dreams"

I dreamt last night that I found Nirvana. It took a wee bit of destruction and the poking of holes through the House of Secrets, but I found Nirvana. And I didn't enter, because I didn't want to die, but I couldn't prevent somebody that I love/hate from entering and I was sad and happy at the same time.

In less profound news, my cell phone has apparently not been working properly for the last week and a half, so when I got it fixed today I had to wade through a backlog of many left messages. Sorry. (I had wondered why nobody seemed to be calling me...)

I am glad to be back home and back with my own computer after house and animial-sitting for my sister.

I have read many comics lately, but I did not go to the comics shop today. I did not, in fact, even leave my bedroom today, except to go the the restroom and to the kitchen, oh, and I also went to the living room, where I watched "Sloshed In Translation" with Insomniac's Dave Attel doing what he does -- get drunk -- except this time he got drunk in Japan and it was so very very very funny that I think I hurt something laughing.

I sat for several hours today running statistical analyses on an unfortunately uncomplex data set I procured from work. I think I miss going to school.

I am a bit depressed and apathetic at the moment. General world stuff and such. However, contemplating going clubbing at a hardcore Goth club (and what should I wear!? oh my, oh dear!) has cheered me a bit. Should be fun, I'm glad I talked Aly into it, although I do hope she isn't just doing this out of pity and because I practically begged, oh dear.

I have had a renewed interesting in reading actual literature, lately, instead of just mindslush fan fiction. Although I do admit to having an incredible longing for Glorfindel-centric fic at the moment. Still.

I hate being a grown-up, I hate seeing my money go into stupid things like insurance bills and rent and food and gas and the like instead of fun things like dolls and comics. And speaking of dolls (since no post I make would be truly complete without the requisite doll references), I have been staring at pictures of the one I ordered off and on all day. Oh my, she is so pretty! She will be a wonderful friend for Kalila. I wish she would come sooner, but as she has to be transported all the way from Korea, it is not likely that she will get here before the 5th of September. Le sigh.

One of my friends recently moved to Korea to teach English. I would... really like to do that. I would be terribly homesick and miss my friends and family something awful, but... I dunno. Sometimes I just really feel like I should get out and DO THINGS, you know? Anyway. Yes.

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