The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

hot books up for grabs

I got into work today before the sun was even up and didn't go outside again until after 2pm... SO FRICKIN' HOT!!! omg. The temperature gage outside says 110!!! *dies* Thank god for air conditioning. I <3 AC SO MUCH.

In other news, I have decided to divest myself of books. Well, not ALL of my books because WAH, MY BOOKS! *clings* It's just... I have too many. Really. Yes. (Understatement of the year there, btw.) AND they fall down a lot. Like, the person-height piles fall down, yes. So. Must get rid of them. Oh, I'm not going to get rid of all my books (or even most of them, heh) -- I'm just going to get rid a lot of the strips. Because... well, call me prejudiced, but I prefer my books with covers. Even still, I want them to go to a good home. So. Who wants some books? I will ship them to you, free! Do note that they are mostly science fiction/fantasy. How would you like to get a random assortment of fun fun fun fantasy books in the mail one day? Books that you can just read and throw away? Yes?

Poll #347358 Who wants some pretty booksies?

Would you like some books to read?

Yay! Yes, please.
Erm, sure. I guess.
No, I already have too many books.
Are you a complete psycho? No.

If yes, why type(s) of books would you like?

Space sci-fi!
Classic fantasy.
Urban fantasy.
Short story collections.
"Other" sci-fi.

Okey-dokey! Now gimme your address so I can send it to you. Don't worry, no one but me can see it.

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