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an ill wind blows... but cartoons make it all better

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely wretched. To illustrate just how bad: as I was blearily trying to brush my teeth after stumbling out of bed and tripping over a pile of books, I accidentally stuck the toothbrush up my nose. On the one hand, now my right nostril has that minty fresh feeling, on the other, EW! But yeah, it is probably because the Santa Ana winds started last night. I have the worst headache, a sore throat, and a stuffed nose (and not because of tooth paste). I hate the Devil Winds. As if the regular pollen count and with all the nearby horses and working in a dusty warehouse and bookstore, now this! *moans* I just hope that this year all the fires burn far away from here -- I couldn't take another firestorm like last year. But since it burned so close last year, the hills around my neighborhood are mostly bare of fuel (portions are still blackened), so I don't think I have to worry on that account. Still. I feel like crap.

Oh, silensy, you might be interested to know... Heh. The chickee on from Firefly who plays Inara? Well, she is going to do the voice of Black Canary in Justice League Unlimited. Cool, eh? Speaking of cartoons, wasn't there supposed to be a new one that was like, a reality TV spoof? I think someone on my friends list mentioned it (viridian5, maybe?) and said it would have characters from various cartoon genres in it thrown together...? Maybe I am hallucinating this.

So, the other day I was in the breakroom and some of my coworkers started talking about some... famous TV person and they asked my opinion on them and I was all "Um, dunno who that is, dude" and they were all "DUDE, you don't know who this is!?!" and I was all "yeah, dude, no clue" and they were like "dude, don't you watch TV?" and I said I watched cartoons and they were like *shakes head*. Yes, I am a sad, sad, un-pop-culturally-informed person.

Now I have to go get my car fixed, which means venturing out of my nice protected house and into the evil winds of doom. *sigh* So far, what with torrye canceling our playdate and all, this day off kinda sucks.
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