The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

List of Books on Neopets and the Ones My Pets Have Read

This is by no means a complete list of all books. But is does have every book my pets (Tobiagaru, QueenAlexa7, Chiawase, Kuraizuno, Ugayle, and Sylette) have read.

12 Angry Myncis
101 Negg Recipes (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
1002 Spells for You

Acara Algebra
Acara Gormball Tips
Ancient Book
A Warm Christmas
A Plague Upon You
Aerial Shots of Neopia
Acaras in History
A Chias Choice
Advanced Magic
Advanced Poetry (Tobiagaru)
Advanced Curses
Advanced Papyrus Making
Auction Tips and Tricks
Antique Furniture
An Evil Plan
A Faerie Christmas
Aisha Encyclopedia
A is for Aisha
A Buzz Life
A Chia Halloween
A Chia Story
A Flotsam Christmas
A Grundo Christmas
A History of Chias
New Day
A Tale of Two Lupes (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
A Special Christmas
Acara Facts
After the Battle (Tobiagaru)
Aisha Book (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Algebra (Tobiagaru)
All about Air Faeries (QueenAlexa7)
All about Dark Faeries (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
All about Earth Faeries (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
All about Fire Faeries (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
All about Light Faeries (Tobiagaru)
All about Lupes
All about Water Faeries
All you need to know about your JubJub (Tobiagaru)
Arts and Crafts with Lupes (Tobiagaru)(Chiawase)

Baby Blumaroo
Baby Buzz Manual
Baby Buzz Book Baby Lenny Book
Baby Moehog Stories
Bad Apples
Basic Healing for Kyrii
Basic Mathematics
Bananas the Mynci Way
Basic Survival Skills
Battle Ready
Battledome Guide
Battledome Techniques
Beak Shining
Beating Sloth
Beginners Curses
Being Bruce
Being Stinky
Being Faerie Queen
Best Friends
Big Book of Puzzles (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Kuraizuno)
Big Foot the JubJub (Tobiagaru)(Kuraizuno)
Billy Blue Hat
Bird Watching (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Bitten Book
Blumaroo Comedy
Blumaroo Dance Moves
Blumaroo Guide to Dancing
Blumaroo Love Stories
Blumaroo Picture Book
Brain Trees Brainiac
Brainy Blumaroos
Breathe (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Book of Bizarre Tales
Book of Pain
Book of Bones
Book of Bruce
Book of Ice Magic
Bound Magic Book
Bruces Magic Guide
Book of Scarabs
Book of Sea Spells
Book of Splinters
Book of Swords
Book of Symbols
Book of Vision
Breakfast Treats
Bruces Guide to Combat Eating
Buzz Acrobatic Stunts
Buzz Boxing Basics
Buzz for Infants
Buzz How to Fly
Buzz Guide to Magic

Calculus Basics Captain Meerca
Care of Chias
Care of Koi (Tobiagaru)
Caring for Eyries (Tobiagaru)
Caring for Peophins
Caring for Shoyru
Caring for your Neopet 1 (Tobiagaru)
Caring for your Neopet 2 (Tobiagaru)
Caring for your Neopet 3
Caring for your Neopet 4
Caring for your Neopet 5
Caring for Your Ill Kau
Catch It if You Can
Cave Kacheek
Chained Book
Chia Art History
Chia Book (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Chia Journal
Chia Quotes
Chocolate Chia Cookbook
Chomby Mysteries
Choosing Kacheeks
Classic Moehog Tales
Cloudy Wocky Day
Clowning Around
Collectable Cards
Common Curses
Confident Kyrii
Connect the Dots
Conquer the Dark
Cookie Dough Bomb
Cooking Neggs Book
Cooking with PetPets
Counting Potatoes
Crazy About Quiggles
Creating a Lucky Zafara
Cures For Bad Breath
Curing Kacheeks
Curious Korbats (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Curse of Ultimate Malison
Cybunny Care
Cybunny Colouring Book
Cybunny Diary
Cybunny Down
Cybunny Financing
Cybunny Rules 101
Cybunny Soap Opera
Cybunny Secrets

Dance Away
Dark Faerie Magic (Tobiagaru)
Daisy Diary
Defense for Elephantes
Defence for Unis (Tobiagaru)(Chiawase)
Defence in the Battledome
Dental Care
Desert days
Disco Kau
Dont Bug Me
Don't Call me Cute (Tobiagaru)
Doglefox Colouring Book
Draik Magic
Draik Tales
Drawing Kiko (Tobiagaru)

Eat or Be Eaten
Earth Spell Book (Ugayle)
Enchanted Butterfly Book
Encylopedia Neopia
Elegant Elephante
Elephante Dreams
Everything Eyrie
Evil Spells
Evil Plots for Beginners
Extinct Neopian Languages
Experimental Physics
Eyrie Style
Eyrie Scrapbook
Eyrie Diary

Faerie Berry Recipes
Faerie Secrets
Faerie Folk
Faerie Tales (Tobiagaru)
Fashion For Krawks
Falling Leaves
Feed Koi (Tobiagaru)(Chiawase)
Feeding Lupes (Tobiagaru)
Feeding Your Elephante
Fighting Fire with Fire
Finding that Bargain
Flotsam Arts
Flotsam Facts
Flotsam Food
Flotsam Legend
Flotsams (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Flotsam Swimming Lessons (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Flotsam Tales
Flotsam Wok Recipes
Forbidden Zafara
Forever Ferny
Forgotten Tome
Fountain of Youth
From Egg to Feathers
Fun with Flotsams

Gathering Food Effectively
Gelert Paw Reading
Gelert on Treasure Island
Geometry Level 1 (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Geometry Level 2
Geometry Level 3 (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Getting Better
Ghost Stories
Glowing Book
Golden Shoyru Book
Goodbye Mel (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Gourmet Cooking for your Pet (Tobiagaru)
Grarrls are Great (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Green Thumb Guide (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Grand Master
Grarrls are great
Grarrl Comics (Tobiagaru)
Grarrl Mythology
Grarrl Picture Book
Grarrl Keno
Grarrg the Great
Grooming Habits
Growling for Beginners
Grundo Ballet
Guide to Bruce
Grundo Food
Grundo Tales (Tobiagaru)
Grundo Potion
Grundo Surf Manual
Guide to Lupes (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Guide to Knighthood
Guide to Pet Pets (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)

Happy Wocky Tails
Hanging Out
Harquins Day
Healing Koi (Tobiagaru)
History of the Ski Lodge v1
History of the Ski Lodge v2
History of the Ski Lodge v3
Hold your Breath
Home Surgery for Jetsams
How to Be a Model (Kuraizuno)
How To Be A Gormball Champ
How to Catch A Cybunny
How to Make A Pteri Plush Doll
How to Make Papyrus 1
How to Make Papyrus 2
How to Ride a Bike (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
How to Keep Korbats Happy
How to Stay Fit (Tobiagaru)
Howling for Fun
Hubrids Book of Death
Hunting the Meerca Way

Illusens Scroll
Illusens Novel
I Love Moo-Cee
Im not Angry
In the Dark
Inside the Mind of a Lupe (Chiawase)
Inside the Mind of Bob
Interesting Ixis
Intermediate Curses

Jetsams (Tobiagaru)
Jetsam Warrior
JubJub Know How (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
JubJub Day
JubJub Jokes
JubJub Journal
JubJub Manual (Tobiagaru)
JubJub Roll!
JubJubs Day
Jump into the Future

Kacheek Book (Tobiagaru)
Kacheek Exercise
Kacheek Magic
Kacheek Secrets
Kacheek Week
Kacheeks are Cool
Karate for Beginners
Kau Defence
Kau Faerie Tales (Chiawase)
Kau Pastures (Tobiagaru)
Kau Pies
Kaus Guide to better Grazing (Chiawase)
Kauvara Spell Scroll
Keeping Peophin
Keeping the Peace (Ugayle)
Keeping Your Krawk Happy
Kickin Kikos (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Kiko Care
Kiko Christmas Story
Kiko: Emperor of the Desert
Kiko Encyclopedia
Kiko Food (Tobiagaru)(Kuraizuno)
Kiko Food Guide
Kiko - Fu
Kiko Treasure Hunt
Kikos Darkside
King Kacheek
King Skarl and I
Know your Collectable Cards (Tobiagaru)
Know your Motes (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Kuraizuno)(Chiawase)
Know your Neggs Book
Know Your Seeds
Knowing Moehogs
Koi Beauty Tips
Koi Pop Up Book
Koi Owners Manual (Kuraizuno)
Koi Tales
Korbat Calculus
Korbat Games
Korbat Halloween
Korbats Lab Secrets
Kougra Classics
Krawk Fighting Techniques
Krawk Anthology
Kyrii ABC

Laws of the Land
Learn Social Skills (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Learn to Fly (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Learn to Swim
Learned Royalty (Sylette)
Legendary Skeiths
Legendary Pterii
Lennies who Lie
Lenny Fitness
Lenny Magic
Lennys in Love
Lenny Witchcraft
Life Behind the Bow Tie (Tobiagaru)
Light of Day
Little Book of Puzzles (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Little Wings Big Feet
Locked Book
Long Neck Lucy
Looking Like a Moehog (QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Lost Spells of Neopia
Love and Caring
Lovely Lennys (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Loyal Lupes (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Lucky Stars
Lupe Mysteries
Lupe Digest

Magic for Beginners
Magic Spells
Malediction for Beginners
Malkus Vile Book
Maths Nightmare Tips
Maggie the Meerca
Map Reading (Tobiagaru)
Maps of Neopia (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Medieval Dictionary
Medieval Petpets
Meerca Fashions
Meerca Fashion Season 2
Meerca Paint Guide
Meercas in Love
Modern Lupe Digest
Moehawk History Book
Moehog Comic (Tobiagaru)
Moehog Matching (Tobiagaru)
Moehog News
Moehog Poetry (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Mote Magic
Mr Irgo Explained
Mr X
Mutations in Kacheeks
Mynci Banana Book
Mynci Book of World Records
Mynci Dance
Mynci Law
Mynci Wiggling Eyes Book
Mynci Tails
My Favorite Food (Tobiagaru)
My First Book (Chiawase)
My First Chia Book
My First Faerie (Chiawase)
My Eyrie Friend
My Garden Book (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
My Hobby Book
My Neohome
My Life as a Lenny
My Sweet Scorchio
My Zafara and Me (Tobiagaru)
Mystery of Halloween
Mystery of the Kougra Paw (Ugayle)
Mysterious Book
Mystic Neggs Book
Mythical Kyriis

Nasty Lenny
Naughty or Nice
Neggs Book
Neofashion (Tobiagaru)
Neohomes and Gardens
Neopian Encyclopedia A-E
Neopian Encyclopedia F-J (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Neopian Encycloppedia K-O (Tobiagaru)
Neopian Encyclopedia P-T
Neopian Encyclopedia U-Z
Neopia in Under 18 NP a Day
Neopias Past
Nest Builders Manuel (QueenAlexa7)
No Bones About It
Noil Colouring Book
Nimmo Anger management
Nimmo Gift Ideas
Nimmo Joe Book
Nimmo Meditation
Nimmo of Doom (Chiawase)
Nimmo Winter Tales
Nimmo Yoga
Nimmos (Tobiagaru)
Nuts, A Love Story

Olde Zafara
Once Upon a Chia
One Scary Night
One Bad Bruce
Ooga Book
Oopsy Daisy

Pazo the Lonely Aisha (QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Peophin MD
Peophin Power!
Picking Better Berries
Playing with Fire (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Plushie Collector
Poetry For Peophins
Pop Up Skeith
Pop Up Zafara Book
Popular Neopian Stories
Poogle Pages (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Poogle Poetry
Poogle Profile
Poogle Races
Potato Counting for Beginners
Pox Curse
Professional Curses
Pteri Battle Manual
Pteri Pop-up Book
Pteri Games
Purple Power
Purple Chia Book

Quest Spells
Quick Reference Dictionary (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Quiggle Art Book
Quiggle Food Guide
Quiggle Facts (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Quiggle Joke Book
Quiggle Stunt Book
Quiggle Quotes
Quiggle Workout

Radio Active Pterii Book
Raising Baby Grundo
Raising Grundos
Rare and Retired Items
Rare Stamps
Raising Young Kau
Roars and Grrrs
Robin Lupe (Tobiagaru)
Robot Days
Robot Kougra Maintenance
Ruffled Feathers

Sad Peophin Stories
Sakhmet Natives
Sakhmet PetPets (QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Sakhmet Tales
Scary Peophin Tales
Scaredy Acara
Scaled Magic Book
Science is Fun! (Tobiagaru)
Scorchio Book (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Scorchio Cooks
Scorchio Summer
Secret Bruce Journal
Secret Lenny Book
Secret Faerie Diary
Secrets of the Desert Paintbrush
Shadow Usul Stories
Showing Gelerts
Shoyru Heros
Shoyru Songs (Tobiagaru)
Shoyru Surprise
Sick Kyrii
Sick of Spots
Sinister Skeith (Tobiagaru)
Skeith Magic
Skies Above Tyrannia
Skyward an Eyries Guide to Flying
Small Book of Puzzles
Snowy - A White Kougra Story
Snowager Saga
Solid Steel Book
Space and Magic
Space Mynci
Speak Moehog (Tobiagaru)
Spingy Gelert Book
Spooky Food Ideas
Spooky Stories
Spotting Seaweed
Stampede Tips
Starting Spells
Stripe the Strange Skeith
Stay Fit
Squeaky Elephante Book
Super Lupe Comics
Super Roo
Super Fashion Playmate

T, The
Talk Tuska
Talons and Tails
Tear Jerkers (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Techo Dance
Techo Guide to Weapons
Techo in Love
Techo Says - The Book
Techo Secret Journal
Techo Style
Techo Yoga
Teeth Sharpening Techniques
Terrific Acaras (Tobiagaru)
Tis Be Harvesting Time
Theories of Physics
The Abandoned Acara
The Angry Chomby (QueenAlexa7)
The Angry Grundo
The Angry Kau
The Art of Cybunnies
The Art of Sword Fighting (Tobiagaru)
The Bad Skeith
The Big Blue Blumaroo Book (Chiawase)
The Big Book of Karma
The Book of Ice
The Bruce Book
The Chomby Fight (Tobiagaru)
The Chomby Secret
The Complete History of Wockies
The Confused Mynci
The Cowardly Tuskaninny
The Curious Quiggle
The Draik
The End of the Tunnel (QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
The Eye of the Quiggle
The Female Nimmo Ranger
The Gelert Diaries (Tobiagaru)
The Great Chomby (Kuraizuno)
The Great Vacation
The Green Book
The Happy Blumaroo
The Happy Buzz
The History of Meridell
The Hungry Techo
The Hunt for the Red Gelert
The Joy of Metal Work
The JubJubs Secret
The JubJub Club
The Korbat who Couldn't Hang
The Kyrii Dancer
The Last Kau
The Legend of Count Von Roo
The Legendary Sutek Scroll
The Little Kacheek Book
The Littlest Elephante
The Lonely Elephante (Chiawase)
The Lonely Grundo
The Lonely Jubjub
The Lost Grundo
The Love Buzz
The Macho Kyrii (Tobiagaru)
The Main Event
The Magic Staff
The Meercas Bad Day
The Mighty Blumaroo
The Naughty Skeith
The Nose Knows
The Pineapple Chia
The Pterrible Pteri
The Rainbow Gelert
The Rainbow Pool
The Royal Tresure Collections
The Sad Shoyru
The Sad Wocky
The Secret Behind the Jewel
The Secret Chomby (Tobiagaru)
The Secret Journal of Agent A
The Shadow Usul
The Spectre Legacy
The Spotted Flotsam
The Techo Cookbook
The Techos Echo
The Tournament Handbook (Sylette)
The Unlucky Blumaroo
The Uni Trilogy
The Usuls Almanac
The Way of the Draik
The Wonders of Water (QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Theories of Physics
This Is Nuts
Time Travel
Time to Fly
To Beak or Not to Beak
Tome of Selket (Chiawase)
Tome of Tonu
Tonu Talks
Top Tuskaninnys (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Chiawase)
Train Koi (Chiawase)
Training your Flotsam
Training your Moehog
Tree Homes
Trick of Treat Tips
Trigonometry Hyperbolics
Tropical Flora and Fauna
Tyragh the Terrible
Tyrannian Time Travel

Ultimate Wocky Manuel (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Uni Battle!
Uni Care
Uni Cycles
Uni in Wonderland
Uni Myths
Unique Unis
Usuki Collectors Guide

Very Hungry Caterpillar
Vile curse of Pestilence

Warped book
Watch Out! (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)
Walking Book
What Me Cheat
When all else Fails
When Gelerts Go Bad
When Your Meercas Hurt
When Wind Blows
Where Neggs Grow
Wheres My Mummy
Where the Elephantes Roam
Which Paint Brush
Wings over the World
Witchcraft Spells
Witch Hunting Techniques
Wocky Jewelry
Wocky Magic
Wocky Will
Wonderful World of Gardening (Tobiagaru)(QueenAlexa7)(Kuraizuno)(Chiawase)
Wonders of Water
Wonder Koi
World Class Wocky


You and Your Faerie Korbat (Tobiagaru)
You Will get Verrucus

Zafara Art
Zafara Crossword Puzzles
Zafara Detective
Zafara Lore
Zafara Mystery Collection
Zafara Music
Zafaras Rainy Day
Zafara War
Zombie Unis

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