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wheee, i have the internet again!

Everybody needs to see Mirror Mask when it comes out. Just saying. Click on that link for a trailer of the movie. It looks so cool! I got to see scenes from it at Comic Con this year and it looks totally awesome.

Hey, inkwraith, you might like this or this outfit for Seph. Would you like one of them for Christmas or something?

Personally, I really like this doll. The Choa is really growing on me. Now I'm not sure if I should get a Lishe (which replaced the Soo, which replaced the Nono) or a Choa when I eventually get my big doll. First I have to get a body for my Elf Ttory (should my elf child be a boy or a girl -- hard decisions!!!) and then I get a big doll. Hmmmmm.

Oh, right, I was going to catch up on e-mail and LJ stuff today, not check out E-bay and Z-cult. Um. Yeah...

ETA: This was funny!

ETA2: Go read these Quantum Leap crossover drabbles by jmtorres because they are beyond cool. Go, read!!!

ETA3: This is why Warren Ellis is god. SO FUNNY.

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