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For those who care, is currently offering Buffy season 1 and Angel season 1 plus some other Fox shows for deeply discounted prices (only $15 for Buffy and Angel). For more info, go here.

Okay, here are my choices. This is a basic, official picture of Choa and this is the really pretty Choa currently up on Ebay. I really like the looks of her. Should I get a Choa or should I get Lishe? This is Lishe. So? Opinions?

For reference, here are some photos of the two (smaller) dolls I already have.

This is Kalila.

And this is Lycoris.

Both Kalia is a Luts doll and Lycoris is a Serendipity doll. Lishe is also a Luts doll, but Choa is a CustomHouse Ai. That has no real relevance, but there is is. So, um, should I get a Lishe or a Choa? Such a hard decision! They both have these sorta half-lidded eyes that I like. Lishe looks sleepy and Choa looks like she is planning something nefarious. I dunno, what do y'all think?

Poll #364914 Doll decision!!!

Which doll do you like better/which should I get?


I have posted a lot today, I know, I'm sorry.

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