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fucking insomnia

It is 3:30am. Why am I awake now when I went to bed at 10:30, WHY!?!?! Fucking jetlag. This also happened last night. And in Italy, I woke up at 3am (their time) almost every night. I'd like to think that it is because I have evolved and now need less sleep than I used to, but somehow, I just don't think that is the case. Harumph.

Oh, and hey, everybody needs to go take my poll, as currently Lishe and Choa are at a dead heat. I can get one or the other after not spending all that money in Italy, but not both. (Not yet.) inkwraith, silensy? When are we going to do our Luts order?

Thank you, ohani, for the photos of us at Disneyland! I especially like the one where I am in my "I am a saint and I am holy" pose with the planter in the background making it look like my halo has slipped off, heh. Also the one with the Dumbo statue and the one of me sticking my tongue out over torrye's shoulder. Heh. Ooooh, and the crazy hat! I still want that hat. And a heffalump!

I would post pictures of Italy, but Mark stole my cameras straight off and his computer isn't on so I can't pull them to mine over the network. So inconsiderate, I'm telling you! Maybe I'll go watch Joan of Arcadia...

I'm going to go get some pasta to eat, even though I shouldn't eat at this time of night. I think part of my problem with the insomnia is worrying about going back to work on Wednesday. OMG, nightmares, man, nightmares about the total fucking MESS that will be waiting for me! Seriously, my workplace is currently so understaffed because so many people quit right before I left (including the only person I had trained to do certain portions of my job!) that I bet NOTHING has been done in my absence. On regular days I do the job of three people (yes, the handbook says there should be THREE people doing my job, but there is just me), and I know they have me scheduled to cover in another section on Wednesday, so what am I supposed to do!?! Now, I am not prone to stress. You really wouldn't guess by some of my posts here, but I am an entirely laid-back, modern-world-adapted kinda gal, but I think that ANYONE would fear what I am going back to. Oh well, who knows, maybe they'll surprise me and everything will be perfect. (Also, the Shrub will drop out of the race, NASA will stop crashing things, and Iraq will turn into a fucking paradise.) Okay, pasta now.

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