The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Did without my dose of caffeine yesterday and the day before, had splitting headache this morning, just had some caffeine, no more headache. Yeah, I'm not addicted, who, me? Whachutalkinbout?

Yesterday I babysat my sisty's kids. We made pretty beaded bracelets and pipecleaner animals and stuff. One of the bracelets I made says "OMG!WTF!" because I am silly. When my young niece asked what that meant, I cleverly diverted her with Neopets, but then I lost her to the computer. That poor child is even more addicted than I am. She is so going to grow up to be a total gamer. So anyway, I went to work wearing six colorful new bracelets and pipecleaners twisted into my braids. Everyone thought it was a particularly good look on me, actually. I might have to go with it.

Work was pretty light last night, actually. Basically, I puttered around trying to find something to do. No boxes, yanno. (So much fear of what the Monday brings, SO MUCH.) However, I did manage to strain my ankle a bit. Oh well, at least I can keep off of it today.

Firebreather is a really cool comic and you should all go download it (come on, there are only four issues so far!) here.

Due to the moisture in the air (and the fact that I haven't brushed it out or put my hair up in braids like I usually do), my hair has twisted into ringlets. I think it only happened because it has been so dry lately and my hair has been crackling from the lack of moisture that at the first chance it got it started sucking in the water. Um, I don't actually know if that is the reason and I am anthropomorphizing my own hair, but yeah...

Won a Sweet Coron tote bag off of Ebay! *g* I <3 that cute little bouncy bee!

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