The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Aaaaaaaannnnddddd, she's gone...

Yup. The Vampire Dark Elf Soo head that I posted about wanting last night is now sold out. It is okay, really, I had decided not to get her anyway. (*gnashes teeth*) eta: Wait, she isn't out of stock now? They must have restocked her. Hmmm...

BTW, inkwraith, if you were wondering where Seph's pink shirt went to? Um, oops, Sabine kinda "borrowed" it, as I found out when I went to re-dress her today. Sorry... (I also seem to have a pair of khaki pants I'm fairly sure I never bought Sabine? silensy, are they yours?)

Anyway, even with the VDES head being sold out, I still kinda want a Dollfie Dream. I just... well, I like their body shape, for one thing, and I like what I hear about how they move and hold poses, even though they are supposed to be less poseable than resin dolls. *shrugs* The only thing I don't particularly care for about them are their headsculpts. I wonder... I wonder if there is a way to alter them... Like, would it be possible to open the eyes of one of the skin heads? Because I really don't like the open eye head (option head #1) that are available... Hmmm... Must check on DoA...'

Am bidding on stuff on Ebay! Yay, Ebay! Hope I win. I really want this outfit. Teddy bear!

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