The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Moving along, from the bad to the good, singing a song, so misunderstood...

My day started out pretty crap. For the past few days my neck muscles have been beyond tense, really painful. I think it is a combination of work (lifting heavy boxes, arms up in the air, pressing this really stiff button all day, etc.), sleeping wrong, and computering (heh... '''^_^). But OUCH. Still hurts. Plus, I couldn't get to sleep at all well last night, hardcore insomnia like I used to have all the time back in high school. (Fortunately, I seem to have grown out of the really bad insomnia I used to have when I was younger.) Then to work this morning and finding out that people had called in sick and I had to cover and ugh. UGH. Short-staffed during the holiday rush does not for a happy Cloudie make. However, it wasn't all THAT bad, for the most part, although there were definately moments of "i-hate-the-world-and-want-you-all-to-DIE". But working with the wonderful people I do totally make up for the evil customers. Because of our blow-out, record breaking sales last Saturday and all last week, the boss lady sprung for pizza and donuts for the whole store. WOO HOO!! So that made my day better. And then when I got home I took a long nap, so I'm feeling more aware and less fuzzy-headed. And I got an email from CheeryDoll saying my Christmas present shipped (YAY!!!!), so that makes me happy. And to top it all off, the wonderful, amazing, uber-spiffytastic dzayde made me two beautiful icons of my Kalila and I love them, <3<3<3!!!! Thank you!

So that is how my day went from crap to yay! *bows*

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