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Exhausted mumble...

Christmas! Yay.

Presents = good. Best things were things I already knew I was getting (Season 3 of Due South from Mark, dress for Sabine and Galadriel Barbie from mumsy, Elizabeth's cursed treasure pendant from Pirates of the Caribbean from my sisty -- which I won't actually get until February, but whatever). Only got one book this year, huzzah! And a pair of socks. ^_^ Very cool.

Absolute best prezzie? The one I gave myself. OMG OMG OMG, Blue Fairy restocked and I ordered a Pocket Fairy Mini May!!! YAY!!! Whee~! I have embraced the cuteness utterly, and I have gone completely insane. But in a good way. And inkwraith and silensy (especially Silensy) have gone insane with me, yay yay YAY!!!

There was chocolate and I went to Silensy's house and there was Robin and Nightwing and Batman and a gay-as-all-getout-Batman and a British action-transvestite comedian and "Ciao!" and Jeff the God of Biscuits and several three-way conversatons. And I DIDN'T lose my shoes!

There are sheep running around on my desktop. Yay, sheep! So cute. I <3 my sheep.

OMG, when is my doll going to get here, I want her now!!!!11

I have to work tomorrow, boo. I am not off again until New Year's Eve. On which day, I shall have a party. All day. Watching anime. Playing games. Doing THINGS. Yes. And you shall all come play with me.

DOLL!!! She will be TINY. So so so so tiny! Smaller than a Barbie doll! SO CUTE AND SO TINY!!!

My tower of books fell over because my cousin destabilized it by borrowing a few books... thus, my tower of books is now actually a wall of books stretching across my bedroom door. Am too lazy to pick them up. Bah.

*flails* THING. Post. Cute. Pictures! Yes. Sleep. No. sleeeeepppppp... yes...yessss... pictures! No, sleep...

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