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poing poing!

Mwahahahaha, I have foiled this evil computer!!! I have acquired a wireless optical mouse so my arm won't fall off! Sure, I go home in only four days but... internet...

I think that my New Year's resolution should be to not buy any more dolls. But that is silly. Because the head needs a body and Lycoris needs a boy and Yori still beckons... Okay, how about this for my New Year's resolution: I will not buy anymore dolls until *mumble mumble*. There, good. *nods*

I am going out to an industrial goth club on Thursday night. It will be my first industrial goth club. Actually, it will be my first clubbing outing EVER. Alyson agreed to pop my clubbing cherry, heh. I, um, have black things to wear. And ribbons! Lots and lots and lots of ribbons. *g*

I am training YET ANOTHER minion this week at work, so I am doing all 6am shifts. *whimpers* On the plus side, yay, no traffic! On the other hand, OMG, 6am!

There is a Grim sitting at my feet.

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