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life is good

I FINALLY got to come home tonight after a LONG BORING week of housesitting! And I had many wonderful surprises waiting for me. ^_____^

I GOT MY CHRISTMAS PREZZIE FROM guingel!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Thank you, Laura. Those ties you got me are definitely the coolest of all the ones I've collected so far. And I think it is totally awesome that I've inspired Katie to make a tie skirt of her own! :-D We must compare... Also, those are GREAT dice. Very cool. And the next time everybody comes over, we will try out the game, it looks interesting. Thank you!!! *huggles* (Erm, I will send out your prezzie on Monday, promise.)

My order from Elaine also came in. Yay, I <3 Poshdolls! Now Sabine has red hair, just like Mark has been bugging me to get for her. I'm going to cut and style the wig. *crosses fingers* Hopefully it'll work out.

Also, I have one of those lovely orange slips from the post office. I think it is the kimono I won off of Ebay for my MiniMay! YAY!!!! (I wish it were MiniMay herself, but Blue Fairy hasn't shipped yet.) Will pick it up Monday.

And there were my favorite Chinese noodles in the fridge and my favorite ice cream in the freezer and my computer was on and waiting for me and Angel was all cute and wiggly at me and IT IS SO GOOD TO BE HOME!!!!!

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