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*twirls* WHEE!!!!! Picspam!!!

This post is about dolls. It is only about dolls. Dolls, dolls, DOLLS.

So there.

Okay, firstly, pictures from the Los Angeles area BJD Meet-Up last Saturday can be found here. My pictures are several pages into the topic, but all the pictures and all the dolls there... SO WONDERFUL!!!!!

So, ohani came over to play with silensy and I with her doll.

Here is Nesanica in lingere singing while Snovi plays the piano. Tee hee~!

ohani's pretty new girl, Neithe.

Sometimes, Neithe has woe. Either that or she is overly dramatic...

silensy's Ialantha in a folksinger-ish mood.

Neithe is cute.

Snovi, Neithe, Nesanica, and Ialantha say "HI!"

And finally, Ialantha in this dress is the most adorable thing EVER!!! *g*

Pictures of silensy's new boy can be found here. He is very cool. *grins*

And lastly, I tried my hand at sewing an outfit for Sabine today. Pictures of that can be found here. I think I did good for a first attempt.

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