The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

I have looked into the whole teaching-English-abroad thing. I qualify for almost everything in every country. For three month, six month, and 1 year contracts. From everything I've read, GEOS would be my best bet. They require 1 year contracts, with options for more and a lot of advancement, but they also require that you start your teaching in Japan rather than anywhere else in the world. That would be cool, I think. I mean, if I'm going to go live in another country for a year, why not just dive TOTALLY off the deep end? None of this easing slowly into global culture by teaching somewhere Western European-ish or Latin American-ish where I am at least somewhat familiar with the culture, nuh uh! Of course, GEOS isn't the only possibility, but I sort of like what they had to say the best. I will look further, but currently GEOS is at the top of my list.

I could stand for a little culture shock, I think.

I'm, um, seriously considering this.

Am I crazy?
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