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A lovely birthday. ^__^

I slept in and then woke up to presents. My mommy made me a beautiful red brocade bag and filled it with goodies, the best being a lovely folder full of her poetry. Mark's present to me was also in there -- The Slipper and the Rose on DVD. Yay! And I wore a pair of the cool socks that dzayde gave me. Then silensy came over for lunch and gave me CRACK. That's right, I now own the Cractionary! Woo hoo~! I must scan stuff and post to scans_daily for the betterment of mankind. And to share the CRACK! Anyway, then I spent an enjoyable time surfing through the DoA forums, where I posted twice with pictures of my dolls (here and here). Then there was dinner at Red Lobster with inkwraith, where she gave me TOTALLY CUTE OUTFITS for Jaya and Ellette. YAY! So cute.

Thank you, everyone, for your well wishes! All and all, it was a wonderful birthday. ^__^

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