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Project: Deep Clean

With the departure of my mum for a wee archaeological expedition, Project: Deep Clean has begun. First off was moving the lovelies to a secure environment (the seldom-used living room) where they would not get dusty (don't want dusty dolls, after all!). Next was the removal of cover-less books and randomly stacked paperbacks to the hallway (where they are currently stacked in colorfully high and haphazard ways that are actually quite pleasing to the eye). Then came the sorting and tossing of old magazines into the recycle bin. I threw out a stack over a foot long of them! Go me. As a pre-cursor to Project: Deep Clean, yesterday I organized my Important Stuff (i.e., bills, documents, passport(s) -- stuff I should keep in a handy place, basically), but I found more Important Stuff today to deal with.

Currently, Project: Deep Clean is moving along expected lines. Tomorrow shall see the evacuation of all of my action figures and little desktop toys to the bathroom, where they will receive a thorough dusting. This will allow me to remove the books above my desk into the hallway, wash the shelves down, and then repopulate the shelves with stripped books and small toys. (Mark has cautioned me that I have unreasonable expectations for my shelves. He doesn't think they will hold the amount of books I propose putting on them. Ha, I say, HA!)

On Tuesday, I will begin the closet-book-nook reorganization. As those of you who have visited my home know, I keep all of my hang-up clothes in the hall closet and my bedroom closet is reserved for four large bookcases. All paperbacks will come off the shelves. In fact, EVERYTHING but hardcovers (which were already reorganized during Project: Midnight Insanity by silensy and myself some time ago) will come off the shelves. The comics will be sorted and prepared to be received into their appropriate storage boxes in the storage shed or the garage. The books will be organized and alphabetized and replaced in an esthetically pleasing manner after the shelves have been dusted. The other... STUFF that has accrued onto my bookshelves will be set aside in piles to be dealt with later.

Wednesday will see the reclamation of my desk. My scanner will be unburied and my drawers organized. The various and sundry debris under my desk will be sorted into appropriate places. The excavation of my desk drawers should take me back through many a rich strata representing time periods as far back as late high school. I expect to trash most of it.

Thursday is my day off, and as such, I expect to get the most work on Project: Deep Clean done on this day. Music, videos, DVDs, and sundry CDs full of THINGS will be sorted and organized on this day. By the end of Thursday, I hope to be basically finished with all but minor rearrangements. If I am feeling particularly ambitious, I may clean my bathroom. The operative word in that last sentence being "may," meaning that I probably won't be doing that.

Trouble areas that I foresee:
1) My "high closet." The wire shelves above the bookcases in my closet contain boxes that have not been unpacked since I moved here over five years ago. They fill me with fear.
2) The cabinets over the washer and dryer in the laundry room. Should I try to tackle them now, too, or wait? They mostly contain older books and do-dads.
3) The "paper" shelf of my closet. STUFF, from school, for creative imaginings, EVERYTHING going back to my earliest childhood. I have a feeling that I may get caught up in looking stuff over. Also, where shall I store all the STUFF that I can't bring myself to get rid of?
4) The sorting of my music CDs and my anime CDs is going to be hard (although, thanks to the tireless efforts of elite_stoat, not impossible, since she already did it for me only a year ago... how much anime and crap could I possibly have accumulated since then, anyway? don't answer that.) and time-consuming.

And now, to sleep, perchance to dream (of cleaning)!

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