The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Update on Project: Deep Clean

While, yes, I AM horribly behind on my planned schedule of cleaning, Project: Deep Clean is proceeding apace.

Interesting things that I have found:
1)The baby journal my mom kept for me.
Tues Sept 23, 1986 - I went to school. I got the Good Worker button. Daddy took us to Coco's for dinner and I saw my friend there. We stopped at Cost Plus and Daddy bought me chocolate coin candy. We did a spider at school.
Wed Sept 24, 1986 - I went to school. It was raining today so no playground recess. I went to Sunshine Co. Mom served chicken and rice for dinner. I watched "The Neverending Story" and "Rose Petal."
Tues Nov 18, 1986 - School was fun today. We got Pete's Dragon tape. We visited Janie and baby. We went to market with them. I helped fix a spaghetti dinner with mom. I had a hat shower and mom rolled up my hair. I remembered the Bird Baby story. Mom read about Hocus and Pocus. Mom loves me and I was a good girl today. I'm sleepy.

2) My sister's college engineering notes. From 1984. O_O

3) A LOT of religious stuff, mainly Krishnamurti and Amachi tracts. I used to be a lot more religious than I am now, I guess. I can still remember all the hymns and stuff, though. My mom still does Self-Realization Fellowship things, but I don't. I kinda miss the Amachi meetings we used to go to.

4) Homework. Lots and lots of schoolwork. Most of it doodled on. I used to draw a lot. I wasn't too bad, either. Threw most of it away.

5) A dead scorpion. You know, I should really clean more often.

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