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Sometimes, a cigar isn't just a cigar.

Since I came home today, I've been surfing the internet looking at "Gundam Wing" stuff. But I should be doing school stuff. The conversation in my head runs thusly:

ID: Oh, oh, pretty Wufei! Wanna read more, wanna read more!

SUPEREGO: Stop that! We must finish up the Neuroscience paper that's due tomorrow. We still have to cite everything and add in the class notes. Our group is counting on us!!! Plus, we have to study for our Statistics exam.

ID: Don't wanna.

SUPEREGO: Be that as it may, we really must.

ID: *pout*

SUPEREGO: *sigh* Ego, some help here please?

EGO: Uh, right. Yo, Id, my man! We'll just do a bit of work and then you can have some chocolate.

ID: Yay, chocolate! But... work? *whimper*

SUPEREGO: *rolls eyes* Oh, for goodness sakes! You've had your bit of fun, reading all those doujinshis and eating all those cookies Mark made! WE HAVE TO DO OUR PAPER AND STUDY!

EGO: Sorry, Id, but Superego is right. You can play after we finish everything up.

ID: Fine. *sulk*

EGO: Okay, guys, let's get cracking.

Odd as it may seem, my Superego has a British accent. Id is a whiny chibi thing that gets distracted easily. Ego is a surfer-dude, but is actually quite intelligent....

....shit, I really have gone insane.
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