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shiny things just out of reach

As something of an addendum to Project: Deep Clean, tonight I sat down with my mum and we sorted through my jewelry, getting all nostalgic in the process. I also got real sad, too, because I have all these really neat shiny things that I can't wear! About three years ago, I suddenly developed an intense allergic reaction to nickel and nickel/silver compounds. I can still wear pure silver, but I don't actually have any... All my jewelry is cheap (but pretty!).

Sucks so much. *sighs* Anyway, I threw away some of the broken stuff (but kept more...), and gave my mum some of it for a project she is doing, then I sorted everything by type (rings, thin bracelets, thick bracelets, necklaces, earrings, earcuffs, pins, necklace danglies without chains, etc.) and put them into boxes to be sat out on my counter... and not touched or worn. SUCKS SO MUCH!!!

I used to wear jewelry all the time! At LEAST two rings and two bracelets, usually with a necklace and an earcuff thrown in, too.

Oh well, there are always plastic pony beads!

(Off to bed now, must be at work again early tomorrow.)

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