The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Memes run in circles...

irreparable tagged me for the six favorite songs meme (except I am cheating and adding in more).

So, perennial favorites:
1. Rice and Curry - Dr. Bombay
It's so upbeat! And funny! Hurry hurry hurry, buy my rice and curry!

2. Salva Me - Libera
How could you not love boy sopranos singing in rocked-up Latin? Free me to fly away!

3. Suspiria Theme (also known as "Markos")- Goblin
SO CREEPY!!!!! Much love. "Bad luck isn't brought by broken mirrors, but by broken minds."

4. Insanity - Oingo Boingo
Children singing about the insanity of our culture to accompany the "insane" perspective of the lead singer -- who is really only insane because he recognizes the insanity of our society. Time to let the world know, welcome madness, say hello!

5. Kung Fu Dancing - Fun Thomas (featuring Carl Douglas)
Another upbeat song! With references to Kwai Chang Caine. *g* Keep on, move it faster and you will be a Kung-Fu master!

6. Flyswatter - Eels
Good beat, fun lyrics, yay! Field mice, head lice, spiders in the kitchen -- don't think twice 'bout whatever keeps you itchin'.

7. Leader - Bif Naked
An angry song to sing along to when I'm pissed with the world. Get offa me! Away from me! Get me outa here!

8. No. 3 - Client
This is like my default song. When some painful song gets stuck in my head, I use this one to get it out. Never really knew you couldn't swim when I lost control and threw you in...

If any of these songs interest anyone, just ask me and I will upload it. At the moment, I have a song from the last time I did this meme up for people to grab if they want it. Get it here</i>.

dzayde tagged me for this meme. List 5 things you do when alone that relax you completely.

1. Reading old favorites, be they novels I've enjoyed in the past or fanfic.
2. Playing with my dolls (ie - dressing, posing, photographing them).
3. I know it sounds weird, but re-organizing things calm me down. Putting things in their proper place. Yeah, weird.
4. Looking at pretty pictures.
5. Sitting in the shower.

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