The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

I am really much more tired than the tone of the post would lead you to believe.

A note to those who care: After this post, I am going net-silent until Saturday. Just, too much to do, too much going on. I will be chaperoning Grad Night at Disneyland, viewing the Tutankhamun exhibit, as well as closing two nights and doing a midshift for another. All while balancing a spinning plate on a pole on my head! So, no time for me to interknit.

On the word of some friends, I ventured forth after work to a local mall. Malls. Eugh. The word was that said mall contained a Payless Shoe store. Lies, I say, all lies! Or possibly I didn't walk far enough into the mall to find it, because malls are eugh. So I found, like, a FANCY shoe shop. OMG, shoes are so expensive!!! But I did manage to find two pairs that will hopefully work for now on their clearance racks. Man, I am such a cheapskate...

Only 23.5 days until Comic Con! YAY!!!

My manager asked me to keep the fact that I have the Harry Potter Release Party of DOOM night off to myself. Because EVERYONE is working that night. They are adding an extra 9:30pm to 6am shift to the schedule for that night. Talk about a sucky shift! But I will not care, for I will be away in San Diego basking in the warm glow of comics geekiness while that silly book is coming out! Heh.

We have 2,300+ reservations for the book. Our maximum store capacity is 300. At the last release, our store manager -- the very essence of calm decorum and professionalism, mind you -- JUMPED UP ON the Customer Service desk and YELLED at all the customers to shut up so she could give instructions. Heh. Yeah, I'm not really sorry I'm missing this...

Have been on a Star Trek-novel reading spree. So much glee~! Yay, old skool geekdom! And wow, I can totally tell which authors were sekrit slashers. I mean, the ones that go on and on about the specialness of Kirk and Spock's feelings towards each other? Yeah, obvious. Unfortunately, I am a Spock/McCoy shipper! Le sigh. There was so much TOS fanfic in zines, but so little of it has made its way online! Woe. But! I have my HUGE collection of Star Trek novels to keep me happy, so all is good.

I'm thinking about reading through my Quantum Leap novels next. (Such a geek, omg.)

And now, to bed!

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