The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Out the other side...

After only about six hour of sleep because I had closed the night before, I went into work Thursday and put in a whole shift. Didn't get my own work done (of course), but still. However, I have been told that finding another person to do one of my jobs is priority now. Huzzah! We shall see... Anyway, after leaving work I met with my sisty, her kids, and her father-in-law for dinner. Then we went to her house, where I attempted to get in a nap but was thwarted by the noisy neighborhood kids. Took a quick shower to refresh myself and then it was off to the ole alma mater, where I faced down a bunch of horrible teenagers and told them to shut the fuck up. No, really, I did. Heh. Once at Disneyland I divested myself of said horrible teenagers and went off to have fun. Boy, being a Grad Night chaperone is sweet. Free ride to Disneyland, free admission, a free massage, a free sketch of any Disney character you like by a professional Disney artist, free hot and cold drinks, your choice of a dinner or a breakfast, a snack table set up with all sorts of goodies on it available to you for the whole night, a theater set aside for your Disney movie-viewing pleasure, AND they paid me $20. Like I said, SWEET. Count me in, sign me up!

By the time we left at 5:45am, I didn't care if all the children had shown up to the bus, so I told the driver to leave. Heh. Um, I probably should have checked, right...? Oh well, nobody has called me about a missing kid, so I guess they were all actually on the bus! ^_^' As for the bus, there were 43 teens, the driver, and myself on it. It was a 43 passenger bus. Guess who got to sit on the floor next to the driver? Wasn't bad, actually.

I got home around 8:40 and collapsed into bed, only to have Mark get me up about an hour later so we could go off to see King Tut's bling. I must say, the exibit was pretty spiffy. And I learned me stuff! For instance, did you know that Heh is the Egyptian god of infinity? So every time you comment with something like "Heh, that was funny" you're say that something was infinitely funny! Sorta. Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyway, after looking at all the shiny things, Mark, mum, and I went to dinner. I... wasn't feeling so hot by that point. However, the problem was solved with food and I realized then that I hadn't eaten since I had a cookie around 3am and it was already 4pm...

Got home (again) around 5:15pm and remembered to send off the final confirmation email to the nice Comic Con organizers about the doll-meet there before falling into bed and sleeping right through to this morning. All told, I went about 36 hours without sleep. I wouldn't recommend it, but it is doable. I did kinda doze on the various bus and car trips (not the ones where I drove, don't worry), but yeah.

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