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The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Rambling about stuff.

I have never seen the show, and yet I am reading Stargate Atlantis fanfic. All because one of my favorite fanfic authors (viridian5, if anyone is counting) recced a particular story. So.... is the show, like, good? And stuff? inkwraith, you watch it, right? (And anywho, if anyone could explain the premise of the show to me please? And, like, rec me some more McKay/Zelenka stories...)


Posted uber-cute pictures of Ellette taken by the fabulous ohani to Den of Angels. OMG, the cute!

I have been playing with dolls today. Ahhhh, I love days off. I stripped down the Legolas doll my sisty gave me and put it on Ailani. SO. CUTE. It is a little big on her though, maybe it'll fit Lycoris better. Hmmmmm....

I also made the mistake of looking on Yahoo!Japan Auctions and now I'm contemplating buying Ailani some more clothes. This and this. Cuteness, yay! In other doll news, Jaya's new eyes came today and so did the white eyelashes for nameless drow girl. I'm also in the process of buying an outfit for Sabine (Inky, it's like Seph's new pink outfit, only blue. I just liked the one one you got, so I thought Sabine should have one, too. I hope you don't mind...?). Oh! And Paul said he is starting on nameless drow girl's faceup soon! YAY!!!

Anime Expo is this Saturday. I will be going with silensy, inkwraith, and (possibly) ohani. torrye, do you want to come, too? oshunanat, do you want to meet us for lunch or something? Anyway, I have decided that I will bring Ellette, Ailani, and Lycoris to AX. I think that I will bring Ellette, Jaya, and Kalila to Comic Con. And possibly Mora. I dunno, haven't decided yet. I have decided to dress up all cRaZY for AX. Sorta pseudo-Harajuku-ish. With my tie-skirt and pigtails and different colored socks and yes. So. I'm so excited about Comic Con! Whee~!

silensy, GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR BIDDING ON LUCAS!!! I really really really hope you get him. You've been trying for so long -- you totally deserve to bring him home to you finally.
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