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My name written in Chinese...

So, a long time ago (round about the summer of 1992) my sister bought me a fan with my name on it written in Chinese. So, just this morning, I was looking through my book about Japanese kanji and found one of the symbols that make up my name as written on the fan! (Kanji are the bits of Chinese writing adopted by the Japanese, from what I gather.)

So, this is supposedly "Tara" in Chinese:

The symbol I found is the one on the top. According to my book, it is pronounced "tai" and means calm, serene, big, or Thai. It's usage is obsure in Japanese and in Chinese it can also mean extravagant/liberal. It is used as part of the words taizen (composure), antai (peace), and Taisei (Occident). (Pg. 495 of my book, for reference.)

So now I want to know what the other symbol means! Does anyone know of any sort of website I could use to find out? Or something?
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