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I'm a space-dreamer.

Ooooh, they just tested the liquid rocket boosters for the SSME at the Santa Susana test range. I live many miles away, but the rumble moves out over the entire valley and rattles the windows. Very cool.

You know, I feel sort of, I don't know, proprietary about the Space Shuttle. At one time or another, my entire family has worked on some aspect of it, and the SSMEs were my dad's babies for decades. *shrugs* Watching launches on tv can get me all teary-eyed (yes, I cried during the movie Apollo XIII because of that beautiful launch sequence).

I've missed those tests. I've missed the launches. I am so glad that we're going back into space again (there is finally a new Shuttle launch scheduled in a few days). Unmanned probes are cool and all that, but nothing can compare to the sheer glory of our fellow men and women defying gravity and leaving the cradle of Earth for the stars. And hey, I'm hoping that someday we'll actually even leave the Earth sphere!

I want to see people on Mars before I die.
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