The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

Pretty lights, foreign sounds, and playing with toys.

Yay, my computer is working again! A few days ago, the fan on my power source went south, so I ordered a new one and Mark installed it for me and now I can turn on my computer again for more than ten minutes and it doesn't overheat! Whoo hoo! AND, my new power source has two fans and a huge-ass vent, which seems to be making my computer run cooler. My three harddrives are TEN WHOLE DEGREES (Celcius) cooler than they had been running before. Rock.

Also, my new power source has shiny light-up things on it, to go with the shiny light-up things on the rest of my computer. With the clear case, it all looks very pretty. When I turn off the overhead lights, it's like having my own pretty aurora with blues and greens and pinks and reds and yellows. Yay!

To celebrate my reintroduction to the wonderful world of my computer, I just spent an enjoyable several hours reading badly-written but amazingly fun Ron-centric HP fic. And it was a gender-bending threesome fic to boot! Yay!

Hmm, what else did I do today? Ah yes, a trip to the comics shop with silensy nabbed me some comics and then a trip to the library got me some Japanese learning tapes and CDs, a few books on English grammer and teaching ESL, and one mesely little book on Japanese grammer. Spent an hour studying it all and now I know how to say that I'm from America! Whoo hoo! Only about a million more things to learn before I'm able to communicate in Japan!

Speaking of which, my interview is only in two weeks. I need to get a couple of very nice suits for the interview, test, orientation, and training. Bleh, I hate shopping, and I have never had to do this type of shopping before. My usual modus operandi is catalogues and off-the-rack sale crap at dinky clothing stores, but for this I need a ritzy department store. My mum suggests Nordstrom's because they will do free alterations on the clothes I get should they need it. That sounds.... scary? I dunno, weird.

I hate shopping, ick.

There is a small army of Kikos and their petpets sitting on my bed. I adore Kikos.

Sakiryl's introduction into my doll family has changed the dynamic a bit, although it was headed that way before. Sabine keeps shamelessly flirting with Jaya, but every time Jaya responds as interested, Sabine backs off. Weird. (Playing with dolls, creating their personalities and stories... an insight into my own psyche? Maybe.) Anyway, at the moment, Kalila has a dragon on her head, Clover is still being GOTH, and Rook is a pimp-daddy elf with Sakiryl playing the part of his ho. *shakes head*

Oh, and here, I posted some pictures of two of my 1/6 dollfies. Cute, eh?

Now it is time for all good cloudtraders to go to sleep.

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