The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

signs of the times

So, while I was calling Customer Orders today, one of numbers I had to call was out of service due to Hurricane Katrina. *squints* Oh, and also, when I called B&N customer service, there was a little message about how orders may be delayed due to the hurricane. On our internal newsletter today (from Len this time, not Steve!), the High Muckity informed us that only 85% of booksellers in the affected region have been accounted for (six stores lost). Dude. BUT, the booksellers made homeless and storeless by Katrina will be paid with full bennies for 6 months, AND they are being housed on B&N's dime and being offered positions in other stores. That's kinda cool, eh? But still, 15% still missing from the lost stores... O_O

Since I informed my boss yesterday that I would be leaving in a few months, today everyone knew. I feel kinda squirmy about it. Everyone asking questions. *shrugs* Oh well! Speaking of, I got my first two course packs today. I have to complete them before I go to the in-person training and leave for Japan. Dude, they're HARD. Like, totally. I gots to 'member all that English learnin I done had in high school.

But something else came for me today, too. Something wonderous, beautiful, and very very shiny. My new Lifebook! Oh rapture! Oh joy! Got lots to do to make it perfect, but still. Lifebook! My love! I've named her Twilight. ^_^

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