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What I did this weekend:

"Bloody hell. Sodding. Blimey. Shagging. Knickers. Bollocks. Oh God, *I'm* English." -Spike, "Tabula Rasa"

I just put that quote there because I like it. Heh.

Um. Weekend, right.

Saturday sisty-ugler and her husband went to a wedding while I watched the kids. Took them to their riding lessons. My definition of hell was redefined as sitting in a car trying to order drive-thru at McDonalds with two whiney kids in the back. If I ever say I want children, someone please shoot me.

Then I visited Alseides. We went to a new comics shop. I bought some back issues of "Robin" to fill out my collection and a few other things. Afterwards, we went to Best Buy where I bought a new computer game for my PC. It's called Alice. I installed it today; wicked cool! TOTALLY demented. Anyway, I had dinner at her place and then we went to Target. Afterwards, we hung out and talked cosplay. I think we've finally got it this time! We're going as two Clow Cards from "Cardcaptor Sakura"!!! Isn't that cool!?! I'm going as The Silent while she's going to be The Cloudy. Yeah, kind of a reversal thing going on there, but oh well....

Today I decorated for Christmas. Thank god the holidays only happen once a year! Yeesh! Then I visited dad so he could change my oil. I had to sit out in the cold wind because he didn't want me going inside the house where he couldn't see me. Geez, what did he think I'd do, vandalize the place? Fuck!

Dad took me to dinner at The Red Lobster, but I also ate when I got home because Mark made homemade sourdough bread bowls and clam chowder. Mmmmmm.... Oh, and the neighbors brought over Christmas cookies. Yum.

Now I'm going to go watch "X", which I rented Friday. Ta!

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