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I DID do well on my Statistics exam. Yay! I only have to get a 22 out of 80 on the final to maintain my grade! Wheeeeee! Happy dance.

Mark and I went out at lunch today. We're getting digital cable. We went to the grocery store. And we bought balloons!

The balloons are for my Egg Helmet project in my Neuroscience class. We spent several hours tonight coming up with a helmet that won't break the egg tomorrow when I drop it off the second story at my school. Mark and Ken are going to come over just to see if it works. I did something similar to this back in junior high school. History repeats.

I've been playing Alice. I LIKE the Vorpal Blade! Goes snicker snack and blood flies! Oh, pretty pretty spouts of animated blood! But my computer kinda doesn't have enough memory to properly run it so the game is all jerky. Mark's going to run some tests tomorrow to see if he can get it working better.

That is all.

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