The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

One year ago today I joined the Den of Angels forums (after already having three ABJD). Cool, it's like an anniversary. Since then, I've posted to the forums 988 times. Just an interesting (to me, anyway) statistic.

I had a fun day at work today. The time flew by! I almost worked overtime by accident. There is an element of strikhedonia in this, but mostly it was the fact that in my new position I have very little responsibility and today we happened to be very overstaffed. But... I just realized today that I loved my job at Barnes & Noble best when I was at the Customer Service desk, not as newsstand lead or head cashier, with the attendant stresses, headaches, and responsibilities that comes with those jobs. Now that I'm just a normal lead with only one little zone to worry about, plus the knowledge that I leave this job in less than two months... it's refreshing. Odd that I should really start to enjoy my job a lot again now that I'm leaving it, eh?

I have been engaging in rounds of geeky sphallolalia with a boy at work lately. We are getting kind of, um, touchy with each other, but really, it will go nowhere. He really just likes me for my utter nerd-factor.

After much consideration, I have decided that I want to give Ikelos a cloth body for sure. For awhile I was considering the SD asexual body for him (the quiddity of Ikelos is both masculine and feminine, but "him" is probably more appropriate), but I just like the thought of having a squishy doll. *grins*

In most respects, I am usually a philologer, but damned if I can work up the motivation to actually learn how to teach other people English. No, that's not it, exactly... I think that I just don't like homework. And really? Creating lesson plans it totally homework. And reading EFL textbooks is boring. I haven't even finished one of the eight lesson plans I have to do yet. And they're due Tuesday. *sighs*

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