The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

On Sunday, I got up early to visit my friend Breeann and play with her dogs and look at her horses, and then we went to see apes. Gibbons, to be precise. Very cool, but all of the fur and hay and stuff caused me to have one of the worst allergic reactions I've had in years. Not quite on par with the Bunnies of DOOM, but about level with the Kitties of Evil. And then I went to work. Where I was miserable, blowing my nose every few minutes and getting book dust in my eyes to aggrevate my allergies further. I ended up calling Mark to ask if I could safely take a second dose of my allergy medicine. Since I take the good shit, it was heavily (as in DO NOT!!!) contraindicated, so I couldn't. So Mark, being the incredible, wonderful sweet man that he is drove all the way to my work to bring me honey-lemon tea, menthol cough drops, and vitamin C (on the off chance that it wasn't just allergies, but also a cold). Isn't that cute?

OMG, what am I going to do in Japan without Mark to bring me tea and to fix my computer and to make sure I eat?!?!

Hmm. Anyway, recently at work I've taken to doing the tasks that I feel like doing. Well, I am doing my job, really, but... There is so much of my job to do. We are so very, very, very understaffed, especially for going into the holiday season. So, instead of doing my proper job, I've been doing what NEEDS TO BE DONE. Mostly this includes doing Newsstand stuff. I miss that. I hate alphabetizing. SO MUCH. But, well, *shrugs*. Only a little over a month until my last day. It does suck that I'm getting all the crappy shifts, though. I think they're giving them to me because I've already quit so they don't need to keep me happy. :-(

Stargate Atlantis season one is out on DVD, yay! I will wait until I get my extra discount, but they will be mine! :-D

I am, unfortunately, still procrastinating to vast degrees in regards to both my learning Japanese and in my planning for moving to Japan. It's possibly a subconscious reaction to the whole change thing. I've always hated change, which is one of the reasons I thought I should do this. You know, get out of my comfort zone, live the adventure, that sort of thing.

I'm very much looking forward to this weekend! ALL DOLLS, ALL THE TIME! Woo hoo!

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