The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

New Year's Eve Party

Okay, just in case anyone has forgotten (or somehow didn't know in the first place), I'm having a New Year's Eve/Going Away/Christmas part on Saturday, December 31st at my house. Everyone is invited. Specifically, I expect inkwraith, silensy, torrye, ohani, oshunanat, mechamel, mayuka13, and Breeann to show up. I asked April and she couldn't come and I haven't heard back from afro_gunsou or xberryjam yet, but I'm going to assume they can't come for now (comment or email or call me if you can come, guys!). Also, if there is anyone else on my Friends list in SoCal that I've forgotten who wants to come, give me a sign!

mechamel, are you going to be spending two nights or only one? I wasn't sure. ohani and mechamel are sleeping over the night of the 31st for sure, does anyone else want to?

So, people can start showing up between 1 and 2 pm. Please do try to come around before 5pm at the latest. If you're going to be later, please call me.

There will be snacks throughout the afternoon and evening. Dinner will be around 5pm. Any donations of foodstuffs are welcome, but not necessary.

There will be a holiday gift exchange, but if you don't bring any gifts I won't kill you. ^_^

We will be playing Munchkin (because it is my party and I am going away so I can force you to play, mwahahahaha~! *ahem*). There will also probably be games of Bomberman (which means, silensy, that you need to bring your extra controller, pretty please?). I will break out the Tarot deck for some fun hijinks. Please bring other games you think we might enjoy!

During game time, I will probably put on a movie. If you don't want that movie to be some iteration of Lord of the Rings, comment now! Suggest stuff! This is your one chance. I'm serious folks, I don't want big, long, time-consuming arguments about what to watch during the party.

To the non-doll people on my guest list: I'm sorry, but there will be dolls. Lots and lots of dolls. Y'all will just have to put up with it. Or join us. Bwahahahahaha~! Um, yes.

Yes, my party sounds kind of lame and boring. If you have any suggestions to spice it up a bit, please do comment. ^__^

ETA: Should I buy alcoholic beverages? We could have a drinking game. Hmm.
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