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Brain go POP.

Twelve hours without food.
Three of those hours spent with children ages 3 to 11 (although the interlude talking to my new favorite student kid about Initial D was fun).
Freezing cold.
Worry over everything and stress about the absolute MESS that the previous teachers left my attendance books in.

But all is good now. I'm blissing. Yes.
Four croquettes.
Two cups of hot, orange pekote tea with honey.
Half a bottle of Vitamin C.C. Lemon.
A painkiller.
A bar of chocolate.
A HEATER (I also stood with my face plastered to the toaster oven while my croquettes were heating it is THAT COLD HERE).

All those things make everything better.

Also the fact that I have Sunday and Monday off. And it is a four-day work week because I have next Saturday off, too. Some sort of national holiday. I asked someone about it, but couldn't get a straight answer out of them. If someone would care to enlighten me...?

I am going to a party Sunday evening. I have not yet decided if it will be an OMG-all-the-trains-have-stopped-running-so-I-might-as-well-party-until-dawn type of thing or if I will wuss out and catch the last train home. Knowing me, I will probably go home (unless they bring on the peer pressure). Apparently, drinking and partying every night is a thing with many of the teachers in my company? Or maybe just on the weekend, I dunno. Right now I am too blissed out on warmth and chocolate to care.

Also, I am seriously glad I wasn't posted to Hokkaido or something. If I am this cold here in Osaka, I would probably DIE up where there is actual snow on the ground. Seriously, Los Angeles and Osaka are at practically the same latitude! Yet! So much colder here! OMG. It probably doesn't help that my apartment is not insulated at all. I can totally feel the cold air coming in from the cracks in the doors and windows.

All that said, hehehehe. Today I taught two lessons about romance and dating. The first lesson was a private one with this one guy that was very serious and the second was with these three guys who ended up making lewd comments and flirting with me. Seriously, I can count on one hand the number of times I have really blushed in my life, and that class is one of them. Wow. Naughty old men, yay! And my first student today was cuddly!girl. She's a seven-year-old spoiled little rich girl who I adore because she is almost completely stree-free to teach -- she just wants to sit in my lap. D'awwwwww. The three-year-old girl that I teach after her is EXTREMELY stressful, though, because she won't speak at all and she cries if her mom doesn't sit in on the lesson. Her mom rocks a lot (I had fun talking to her when she came back for her lesson this evening), but three years is a little too young for this kind of class. Especially a one-on-one class -- I think the little girl would do better in a class with a few more kids in it. Anyway. I think I've found the rewarding aspects of teaching. It can be fun. Overall, today was not especially fun, but there were fun moments. But yay, weekend!

And talking to inkwraith this morning was nice, too. *smiles* I have decided that I will call someone every week. After all, it's only money, and money doesn't make me happy. Last week was mum and Mark, this week was Inky, who know? Maybe next week it will be YOU. XD

withinity! I installed AIM and I sent a text to your cellphone! Oh, and speaking of cellphones, my number is 09085323881. If anyone cares. And remember, if you're calling me from another country, be sure to use the international dialing code! For text messages to my cellphone (and I can only get them from other Japanese phones, sorry), my e-mail is (this probably applies to only one person on my friends list, but I thought I'd put it up anyway). Oh, and maybe I will be able to figure out Skype and my webcam sometime in the near future. After all, anything is possible!
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