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Nothing much to see.

I went to a party last night. It was interesting. I latched onto a random group of people and had a good time with them. Drinks were consumed and action figures were made to assume many lewd and compromising positions. I learned two new Japanese words that aren't in my dictionary (heh) and I also learned that Japanese guys don't like to give head. Who knew?

I did not get drunk, although I had more drinks than I've ever had before. I am coming to believe that my alcohol tolerance must be extremely high, because I didn't even feel "buzzed." Oh well, I don't like the thought of being drunk anyway. I managed to extricate myself from the grasp of two rather drunk gentlemen and catch the last train home with a few minutes to spare, so that was good. I'm told that I will eventually end up partying all night and possibly sleeping drunk in a gutter, but, um, I don't want to.

I met all sorts of people that I have very little in common with, but hey, they speak English and for that I am thankful. I seriously doubt, however, that I will become fast friends with many of them. I do think I may have made a few new friends, and I did run into a guy from my training group, so that's good. I don't think I'm cut out for that particular brand of socialization, though. Just sitting in a bar getting more and more drunk as the night progresses and talking is not my forte. I would much prefer a club and some dancing with my drinking. I can really lose myself on the dance floor -- stop thinking and feeling so self-conscious and nervous. If invited, I will probably go out to one of these things again, though.

Today I slept in VERY late and only went out to go to the grocery store. I finally explored the upper levels of the grocery store and found many fun things to buy, including padded envelops. I also bought a cute pencil case, just because. Everyone here has a pencil case and I was feeling left out, yes. Oh, and I managed to buy two 80 Yen stamps at the convenience store (must as Eriko how to say "I would like to buy twenty 120 yen stamps" or somesuch). It was a cold and rainy and rather depressing looking day and so I am feeling a bit melencholy.

An elderly Japanese lady giggled at me and said something that sounded pleased when I burst out in a wide smile over her little dog (it looked like Angel). It's the little things that make me happy. ^_^

I am really wanting some MSC and paint. I'm itching to take a crack at painting Heady (and possibly a DD head, too...) and I'd kinda like to test my luck on one of the new custom figure kits, too.

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