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this entry has absolutely no redeeming value

I have a VERY STRONG hankering for yummy, juicy Star Trek novelizations at the moment. They are my "comfort food" and I am feeling a little homesick at the moment. The novels or the shows or even some really nice, long, plotty fanfic. This hunger was fed by a long conversation about ST with another teacher last week, someone on my Friends list talking about ST, and finding out that Enterprise is still on Japanese television (but, alas, not at a time that I could watch it).

Because I could not immediately feed my mad craving for Star Trek, I bought a bar of chocolate on my way home tonight. Mmmmm, chocolate.

Oh, and an update on the porn vending machines: I looked closely tonight and there are actually TWO right near my apartment building. I have this seriously weird impulse to buy something from one, just for the sheer novelty value! I mean, dude. However, the porn vending machines do not hold a candle to the ones that deal hot beverages. I think that until the heat of spring descends on Osaka, I will be spending a lot of money at the vending machines for hot beverages. Mmmm, yum, tiny cans of hot vitamin drinks...

I think that I should get a volume each of the English versions of the Naruto and Initial D mangas so I can entice my younger students into reading English. And I need some reading material, too.

I have a horrible confession to make. There is a teeny, tiny library of novels at my school, and I'm reading one of them. It's the trashiest, dirtiest romance novel EVER, and I am enjoying it very much. I have fallen into shadow. Weep for the future, weep for us all!

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