The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

More fun times had in Osaka.

I am sad that the three day weekend is over and that I must be off to work in an hour, but I did have a very good time this weekend! Friday after work was a school party. We went to a pretty posh restaurant/bar and had drinks and random Japanese foodstuffs. It was nice, but again with the running for the last train! On Saturday I hung out with Jenny. She came into Osaka and we hung out around Umeda, just exploring and shopping. We went on the big ferris wheel and explored this crackstastic arcade called Joyopolis.I bought a whole bunch of random crap -- like an Elmer the Elephant cup and a washcloth and datebook -- and whole bunch of chocolate. Mmmm, chocolate. We ended the day at a rather dank and dismal hole-in-the-wall bar. Then on Sunday I went out with withinity and we hit the Volks store (where I got THE CUTEST OUTFITS OMG for Ailani and Lotus) and the Azone store (where I bought a cellphone strap with a character from that doll anime that I forget the name of at the moment) and then we went to a store completely devoted to Studio Ghibli. Yes, yes you read that right, a whole store. It was utterly wow. I bought cute things! These cute things include a catbus/dustmote/totoro cellphone strap and a catbus coinpurse which is really a bed for Ellette. Because of course she needed a catbus bed! Then we had icecream and went up to the top of this swanky department store and took pictures of our dolls (much to the amusement of random passersby). Monday I just sat at home and did nothing all day. That was nice.

Randomly, I give you a picture of yummy crunchy things. I know not what they are, but they are a pretty good snack food.

withinity's DDII. Isn't she just gorgeous?

Ailani with withinity's DDII and her Elfdoll Min. Ailani was fascinated by the tiny, glaring doll...

She and Lotus look positively angelic. ^_^

There was a shrine on top of the department store, so of course I had to take pictures!

So, I also posted pictures of Kalila to Den of Angels here and here. Go look at those, too!

Ellette on her new catbus bed. Hehehehehehehe~!

And now we have the utter adorableness that is Ailani and Lotus in their new, matching outfits. Awwwww...

Ahh, my laundry is beeping at me, must go hang up the wash. Until next time, folks!

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