The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight (cloudtrader) wrote,
The Dreamer of a Thousand Names for Starlight

I'm starting my Birthday Present Wishlist early this year. ^_^ (not that I've ever done one before)

silensy, you need to buy me this. It is a necessary thing. Seriously. You know how I was demanding that you and inkwraith stop me from buying any more action figures that one Comic Con? Well. The deprivation has caused me to go insane and now I need this like I need pizza. You MUST get this for me. Yes. (Or possibly your last birthday present to me, the Cracktionary, is what caused my insanity. The world may never know...)

I think that I would quite like the first graphic novel published of this series. Or maybe access to the archives. It looks fun!

Speaking of comics, an airplane ticket to San Diego for Comic Con would be an absolutely fabulous present, but since none of you are exactly rich, I will let you all off the hook for getting me those tickets. THIS time.

I would also really love to have the episodes of Stargate Atlantis that I don't have. Namely, the second half of the second season. This is where yousendit or megaupload or even a gmail account comes in handy. C'mon, y'all, that's an EASY prezzie. All you have to do is spend ridiculous amounts of time downloading a television show and then uploading it for me (or burning it onto CD or DVD and mailing it to me! that works, too!). Or, if SGA is not to your liking, pimp other shows at me! I am not a proud woman -- I'll take anything.

I will add to this list later. I am sure that I can think of more things that I want my friends to get for me. (If nothing else, funky knee-high socks are always great!) Remember, you only have until May 4th!

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